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Teotihuacan: Site Guide for Travelers and Students.

One part site guide, one part textbook, one part itinerary, this eBook has everything you need for your trip to Teotihuacan!

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Have you been frustrated by the lack of academic information on Teotihuacan available to the public? Are you just not interested in sifting through multiple books and websites to get the information you need to take advantage of your trip?

Hi! I’m Catherine Wilde, founder of Mesoamerican Studies Online and author of Teotihuacan: Site Guide for Travelers and Students.

I wrote this eBook with the purpose of creating an all-in-one guide for travelers and students who visit Teotihuacan and want to have the best, most educational experience possible.

As a budget traveler and Mesoamerican art historian, I am passionate about providing affordable and accurate information to people like me. People who:

  • Share an interest in ancient cultures
  • Want to know the background of a site and its importance before visiting so they can have a better experience while visiting

If you are one of these people, you will love this eBook!

XO - Catherine


Here's what's in the book

Chapter by chapter, this is what you will find in

Teotihuacan: Site Guide for Travelers and Students.


Locate Teotihuacan within modern Mexico.


Learn the history of the site and the ways in which it interacted with other cultures.

Artistic style and symbolism

Analyze the iconography of Teotihuacan art and its possible purpose.


Discover the world within which Teotihuacan existed and the resources it depended upon.

Architecture and meaning

Understand the inspiration for the architecture of Teotihuacan and its meaning.

Itinerary, Site Map, Quick Facts

Access detailed information on how to visit Teotihuacan's most important spots, as well as a summary of each of the book's main concepts.


Catherine has put her heart and soul into this book. Her knowledge is evident on every page, and it is all communicated in a clear, easy-to-read style. She guided me through every step of my Teotihuacan tour!

–Gerin Dale

About the Author

Catherine is the founder of Mesoamerican Studies Online.

She holds a Master's degree in Mesoamerican Art History from the University of Texas at Austin and has travelled to over 30 Mesoamerican sites and a dozen museums. She has lived in Mexico and Panama and traveled through Guatemala and Honduras. She speaks fluent EnglishSpanish and Dulegaya (an indigenous dialect of Panama), and is a constant learner of Mayan and Central Mexican languages

Catherine has a passion for teaching and loves sharing what she learns with others. When she is not learning or teaching, she is probably spending time with her husband and their pets, Oakley and Willow.

$9.99 NOW $7

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